Andrew WahlquistThis site began in 2001 as a home for the filmmaking projects of Andrew Wahlquist.

I'm a native of Southern California, and a graduate of Biola University, BA in Communications, Radio-TV-Film. I fell for filmmaking in high school, and quickly became a one-man-band of video technology, shooting and editing videos of all sorts. This filmmaking continued through the college years, directing and producing, as well as helping others with production technology.

After college, I began my career in Hollywood pretty much in the mailroom, as a floating assistant at Artists Management Group (defunk company of Mike Ovitz), then became an executive assistant at Phoenix Pictures (Mike Medavoy) and Senator International (Joe Drake), involved in the development side of feature film production. I left there to switch career paths an do a little screenwriting and help with film projects.

In 2007 as my wife and I were starting a family, I landed a job at the Los Angeles Times, where I became a Multimedia Producer, working with motion graphics and video in the creative services department. I took over as lead video editor and motion designer for event videos, internal videos, tv/radio appearances and television commercials.

My first run-in with Local Hero, a boutique post production company run by Leandro Marini, was in 2006 where I began as a freelance online editor and colorist. I left to join the Los Angeles Times, but rejoined the company in 2010 as the Chief Technologist. Specializing in digital intermediate color correction and effects for independent films, I supervised the technology and workflow for our films and handled much of the production operations. The company took on increasingly demanding projects, delivering films to distributors such as Lionsgate, Universal and Fox.

In 2016, I joined the Walt Disney Studios, in the Library and Technical Services department, as the Manager of Technical Operations. Here I will continue in my knowledge of post production workflows, working with Disney's vendors to ensure our projects at Disney are delivered with quality and efficiency.

"Aerie" is a term meaning a nest or stronghold built on a cliff or other high place. To me, this concept is asperational, that something of strength and beauty could be built with high-minded ideals.

In addition to being a post production professional, I continue to work on creative projects when I have the time. Check out the projects page for some of that history, and also link over to the Downey Arts Coalition, which is a local arts group I founded in my hometown to bring more arts and culture to our community.