My Blog with personal updates and project news
The Man Who Was Thursday, a radio play I'm working on
Official site of my would-be indie film The Association
News & Updates email list for The Association
My LinkedIn Profile, request to connect
My IMDb listing No, I never acted in a Darkstar video game
Lana Joy, my wife and theatre actress
Compass Films by Kevin T. Willson, Biola colleague, comedy director
Joe Knee, Biola colleague, director/producer
Matt Kovalakides, colleague from Ocean Pictures, writer, director DP, camera operator
Winch and Pulley is Josh Forbes, a colleague and music video director
Radar Creative is run by Biola colleague Matt Warren, writer, director, producer.
Biola University's annual Media Conference
Phoenix Pictures, former employer
Mandate Pictures, former employer
Jamie Alexander, Biola colleague, actor/writer/director

Yahoo's LAProducer group, a great resource
Word Play, best screenwriting info/community out there.