LOS ANGELES TIMES: Content Promotion (concept/designer/graphics)
Broadcast Commercial Series
I regularly create videos for the Los Angeles Times both for broadcast commercials and for sales and marketing.
Status: Ongoing Production, Airing regularly on KTLA
Showreel (features most of my LA Times work)

GOING BACK (screenplay)
Feature Film, Comedy
Three disillusioned Hollywood hopefuls arrive back home in Texas after deciding to abandon the life of struggling wannabe's in L.A. They soon realize that the forth guy they were traveling with was lost along the way, and they have to go back to find him.
Status: Completed Screenplay

HOGANíS ALLEY (screenplay)
Feature Film, Thriller
At the FBI Academy in Virginia, a small town exists next door where everything is an illusion. The only residents are hired role players who continually act out crimes in order to simulate real life training exercises for the trainees at the school. But this semester, an ambitious trainee discovers that a real crime operation exists hidden under the pretense that everything is fake.
Status: Completed Screenplay

TOWARD DAMASCUS (screenplay)
Feature Film, Mystery
When a psychologist takes his therapy methods one step too far, his life begins to crumble, triggering the destructive consequences of his past work as a government behavioral scientist.
Semi-finalist, Chesterfield Writerís Project
Status: Completed Screenplay

Past projects can be fount in the Archive.